SEC Diversity

Vision : A church where everyone feels a sense of belonging

Mission : To provide a place where all differences can be understood, accepted and celebrated

Objectives :
To provide safe and supportive opportunities where differences can be discussed, understood and celebrated.

To provide training resource to facilitate information dissemination and skills development towards diversity

To provide training resources to facilitate understanding and learning
How :
Annual Training and Celebration Weekends

Quarterly regional and local training - seminars, workshops, Q& A

Development of resources guides and quick tip leaflets
Aims :
1. Provide a place for open and honest discussion and reflection

2. Provide training towards understanding the diverse nature of the church and community

3. Provide training towards creating a place where all can have a sense of belonging

4. Provide training towards celebrating the diverse membership of the body of Christ

5.Provide resources to support the diversity Ministry

Diversity Advisory Committee

Sophia Nicholls

(SEC, Disability & Diversity Director)

Chucks Golding


Pastor Jacque Venter

(Senior Pastor Stanborough Park Church)

Pastor Leslie Ackie

(BUC Family Ministry Director)

Valerie Brown

(Diversity Consultant)

Peter Mensah

(Elder - Multicultural Church & Media Communication Professional)

South England Conference




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